seo and web design: Discovering my hidden talents

June 27, 2022
by Zere Askatova
How did I come to a new profession or how did I discover my talents?

Today is the 27th of June, 2022, the day when I was invited to join a private SEO club.


First of all, I want to thank you, dear reader, I hope you will not be bored reading my story.

I want to share with you my story of how I discovered new professions, how I revealed my talents, and how I left the boring office work. In 2019, after almost two years of work in an international Chinese company in the field of implementing software for organizations with a turnover of millions of dollars, I decided to try starting my own business. I was 24 when I made the decision to leave the company. Yes, I was waiting for a promotion and a career as a successful SAP consultant, but every day I realized that I was not enjoying life to the fullest. Due to work, I did not have enough time for my hobbies and interests, I quit my ice hockey training because I started skipping workouts. After I left work, it was the beginning of the

SEO club by Daniil Sidorenko,
Serial Entrepreneur & Internet Marketing Expert
I began to think about what am I interested in? And since I wanted to lose weight almost like all the girls, and I realized that losing weight is primarily healthy eating, I got the idea to open an online health food grocery. To discover this industry, I have done a huge research on all possible competitors, studied the composition of all products, and learned all the names of hidden sugar. But this article is not about that... To start my business, I realized that I needed to invest money in Instagram or create a website. I thank my sister for her support, she gave me the first capital, I am always grateful to her and always miss her. Love you.

I don’t remember how, but I accidentally got to a master's class on website promotion in Almaty. I remember that evening very well, I was invited to a quiz with friends, by the way, I won first place in quizzes for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, yes, I am a fan of films about superheroes. So, let's continue, it so happened that the master class began at 7 pm, while the game started at 8 pm, and the buildings were on the same street five minutes' walk from each other. It was Kazakhstan's most famous hotel with a crown and a popular pub across the street. By crossing the road towards the hotel, I was worried about how I looked, where I was going... I didn’t know anything about the sites, why I was going ... I was scared. I was a little late, actually, I arrived on time, but all the seats were taken. And it so happened that I sat on the very last row, where there were five or six last empty seats. I thought, "oh, perfect, no one will notice me, because I don’t understand anything about websites and I still don’t have a business or experience"... So, at the end of the master class, I realized one thing, I did not understand anything. I really didn't understand anything. Then I joined the second or third round of the game, with friends across the street at the pub.

The next day or a couple of days later I received a call from the sales department of the Skybird company, the company that organized the master class. A girl named Arzu asked me questions if I would like to buy a full-fledged course where I would be taught how to create websites and promote. I still didn't understand anything. I asked one question: "If I want to open an online store and earn money, can you help me?". I received a positive response. And in the fall of that year, I started my training, our stream was called "SEO for the people, the fourteenth stream".

My training began, there were different people in the group, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and just students, so I relaxed a little. I realized that I'm not the only one who doesn't know anything about websites.

Since I was very far from the topic of creating and promoting websites, as an excellent student at school, I always sat in the front row, wrote down everything, and asked questions, I was like a sponge when it comes to taking in information about the domain, hosting, search engine optimization. When we got to the stage of creating websites, I began to receive praise from the teacher. And comparing my design with the design of other students, I realized that I really can create websites that are much more beautiful. Because at that time, there was no separate module on the design and creation of sites, I studied with an SEO expert, not with a web designer. Thus, within a month, I managed to create a new online store and reach the TOP position on Google, I was and still am a great example of the fact that anyone can create a new website in one month and reach the first page of Google. All this is thanks to him, my mentor Daniil Sidorenko.

A few months later, in the chat of all his teachings, I saw a message that Daniil wants to create a team of tutors. He needed people who would help new students go through the course and check their homework. Since I am very active and love to help, I wrote him a message. It was March 10, 2020. On April 6, 2020, a new curator-only chat was created. We learned to help others, answer questions, and check homework. He always shares his experience with us and continues to do so. That message changed my life. After all, I discovered 2 new professions at once, an SEO specialist and a Web designer. I realized that I am a more creative person, and I sincerely like to teach others and motivate them. We started getting feedback from students, when I read how entrepreneurs thank me, I wanted to cry. I realized my value.

I understood that I can develop in new professions, and began to look for my first clients. I made my first site for free, the second site for $50, and the third site for $250. It was big money for me. Then I began to confidently take on new clients thank Daniil, who recommended me as a specialist.

Now I have already transferred my store under the control of my mother, I am engaged in design and promotion. Thanks to new professions, I was able to afford a one-way ticket to Istanbul. A new stage of my life began, where I continued to develop, but in the most diverse areas and in a new country. In November 2021, I flew to Istanbul for one month. And today, June 27, 2022, I have already moved to Dubai. World political events that affected my work proved to me that I must move forward. Therefore, I decided to move to The City of The Future, where the possibilities are endless. And today I'm working on my new project The Luxurious Alliance, creating this website and a luxury agency that will focus on a certain niche.

Today, my mentor launched a private club, a community where there will be the most interesting people who will develop together and communicate with each other.

What did that "message" change in my life? Everything.

First of all, I revealed my talents and proved that I am a talented person.
Second, raked talents for training and mentoring, because I was asked to train entrepreneurs individually.
Third, I understand that my possibilities are limitless, I can do anything.
The fourth is that I opened my door, and if I opened "my door", I am in my best line of fate.

By the way, I am so grateful to the universe for meeting Daniil that I was inspired to buy my first MacBook to create websites, I put stickers on my laptop like him, and when I saw his photo on Instagram with a red Lamborghini, I realized that this is a huge support, love and a sign from the universe that I am going in the right direction. I chose my way, I listen to my soul and heart. I chose to use my talents and skills to create my own project.

Endless thanks to the Skybird team!

I want to keep history here and here
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