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June, 2022
by Zere Askatova
By writing this article I want to share my favorite books that helped me to reach goals, and change my life on different levels.

When I quit my office job, I realized that the mindset of an office worker didn’t suit me, because, in order to create my own business, I need to think differently and think like successful entrepreneurs and businessmen. After reading some books, on the Instagram feed, I accidentally noticed a coach, he is a Kazakh who was educated abroad, who perfectly understood both the modern world and the mentality of my country. Since I discovered his book "Hobbies and Money" thanks to which I realized my true talents, skills, strengths, and weaknesses. After all, even when I was a student, I understood that I did not want to be another office worker: who works until 10 am every day.

To my great surprise, I discovered that in his book there is an interview with an entrepreneur who built his business on his skills, interests, and hobbies. It was my mentor in the world of sites and sales Daniil Sidorenko.

To be continued...
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